Our Studio

Ole Sondresen Architect is a design and architecture firm with a highly motivated, multi-talented, international staff.  While Ole Sondresen is the sole Principal and oversees the design of all our projects, experienced project managers and designers run and support the process, respectively.  Our firm’s collaborative design culture and intensive interaction with clients, engineers, specialized consultants, contractors and craftsmen, results in one of a kind projects that are built to last.

Ole Sondresen

Ole was born and raised in southern Norway, where he discovered his passion for carpentry and craftsmanship in his father’s woodworking shop. Having spent years working in sawmills and construction while studying the fine arts, his design process is greatly influenced by the possibilities of material composition, detailing and assembly.

His interest in creating an architecture that speaks of a particular place originated in his study of vernacular Norwegian buildings, as well as extensive travels through Europe, Asia and the United States to explore regional building typologies.

A graduate from the University of Oregon, Ole has held numerous design positions in Portland, Oslo and New York City, working on projects ranging in size from custom furniture to airports. His sustainable design “praxis” focuses on an all-encompassing holistic approach to designing, building and living. On earth day 2009 Ole was given the green apple award for his design of the bird boutique from the natural resource defense council. This project was also awarded a LEED gold rating from the Us Green Building Council and was the first LEED rated store to be built in New York City.

Engaging the design & building community Ole lectures on sustainable design topics such as building with locally sourced, reclaimed and recycled materials, designing & building sustainable roof gardens, and an intensive on sustainable design concepts.